With the support of the “Boumbouras Foundation”, a grand concert of the National opera of Ukraine will be held in Athens

Continuing the mission of strengthening of friendship between Ukraine and Greece, a grand concert will be held on 4th of December, in Pallas Theatre, Athens, will be held with the support of Pantelis Boumbouras. In the concert will take part a Symphonic orchestra and the leading soloists of the National Opera of Ukraine.

Festival of Greek culture “Mega Giorty”

Photoreport from the celebrating the International festival of Greek culture “Mega Giorty” in the village Maloyanisol.
Various events like festive parade, exhibition of folk crafts and traditional Greek cuisine, performances of dance bands from Greece and Ukraine as well as traditional wrestling Kuresh, took place within the framework of the festival…


Opening of Pantelis Boumbouras Square in the village Maloyanisol

Аn opening ceremony of Pantelis Boumbouras Square was held in the village of Maloyanisol. In the center of the square a monument to the natives of the village – the founder of the National literature of the Greek of Ukraine, writer Gregory Kostoprav and the Greeks who perished during the Stalinist repressions of 1937, was erected.