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The charitable organization “Boumbouras Foundation” focuses on the assistance in the spheres of such charitable functions as education, health care, ecology, social protection, culture and art, science and sport, etc., as well as on the development and support of these spheres for the public benefit.

Among the Foundation’s goals there is a development of regional programmes, educational programmes, a search and development of talented youth, an assistance in social rehabilitation of financially disadvantaged citizens, disabled and other people who need special care, a development and spread of Greek culture in Ukraine, a protection and preservation of Greek cultural heritage, historical and cultural monuments and many others.



Entrepreneur, who succeeded by his own efforts, brave, ready to risk and judicious at the same time. He keeps his feet on the ground well but still dreams about the future.

He has restless and independent character who confronts difficulties firmly and successes rationally. The group of powerful enterprises that were created slowly but persistently these days looks forward to the future optimistically and confidently…



«Филики Етерия продолжает жить в Одессе…» – Интервью основателя «Фонда Бумбураса» Пантелиса Бумбураса…

The Present Sunday

«Поездка в Одессу: Как продолжает жить греческая составляющая в Украине» – Интервью основателя «Фонда Бумбураса» Пантелиса Бумбураса Эми Ливаниу-Зисиопулу

The Huffington Post Greece

Пантелис Бумбурас: Греческий огонь еще горит в Одессе…

Aitoloakarnania News

Интервью основателя благотворительной
организации «Фонд Бумбураса»