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Entrepreneur, who succeeded by his own efforts, brave, ready to risk and judicious at the same time. He keeps his feet on the ground well but still dreams about the future. He has restless and independent character who confronts difficulties firmly and successes rationally. The group of powerful enterprises that were created slowly but persistently these days looks forward to the future optimistically and confidently.

The professional and social ‘climbing’ though didn’t infatuate him and didn’t change his character. Despite his huge success and public recognition, in particular the designation to the post of Honorary Consul of Greece in Crimea (that he took as his obligation more than like privilege and right), Pantelis Boumpouras always remains a simple and sincere man, a flaming patriot who divides his attention and a large part of his capital between the two native lands, lavishly funding the numerous and varied events that are aimed at the support of the Ukrainian Hellenism and the further rapproachement of the two friendly nations – Ukraine and Greece.


Pantelis Boumpouras was born in 1955 on the island Limnos that is situated in the north part of the Aegean Sea, where he spent his infant and pupillary years.

In 1970 he moved to Athens, the city that was developing intensively those days. A young isleman at once saw his future in the developing sphere of construction. He began to work as a simple builder, gaining his first experience, and at the same time received the compulsory education, entered the High Technical School and in a year completed the diploma of Electrical Engineering.

In 1981 having obtained certain skills and inspired by the ideas that the key to success lies in the independent entrepreneur activity and not in the hired labour, he established his own company that dealt with the electrical work both in domestic premises and in more complicated industrial facilities. Each year the company’s turnover has been increasing, as well as the power of the industrial group, that in the middle of 1990-ies had more than 200 workers.

In spring 1997 he decided to accept the invitation of one of the biggest Greek construction companies “MICHANIKI”, that was developing its activities in Ukraine, and to become the general constructor.

By prominent chance the first works are completed in Greek Square in Odessa before the building of “Filiki Eteria”. Since then these two sightseeing places that symbolize the historic fraternal relationship between the two nations inextricably connect him with his new native land.

These strong ties could not have been weakened even by the plane crash in December 1997, where 23 Greeks (his colleagues and friends from “MICHANIKI”) and 50 Ukrainians died. On the contrary, the tragedy convinced him to move forward and work for those who died and those who feared to come back.

At the end of 1997 having estimated the perspective of the development of Ukraine and its colossal demand for contemporary domestic, office and other buildings, he established the company “Gefest” with the main office in Odessa. Today, after about 20 years of successful activities and sustainable development, “Gefest” ranks among the biggest construction companies of Ukraine, whose plans comprise the realization of construction projects of more than 450 000 sq. metres of the real estate.

The construction projects that are already built and those that continue to be built in Greece, Odessa, Kiev and Mariupol (domestic, office buildings, trade centres, restaurants and hospitals) are notable for the high quality of construction work and distinctive aesthetic decisions and have made “Gefest” the synonym of reliability, high professionalism and innovation. 


Panteleimon Boumbouras - President of the construction company "Gefest" and chairman of the charitable organization "Boumbouras Foundation" supports projects from various fields and provides similar assistance along with Ukraine, also abroad and in Greece. Provides assistance in matters of improvement, education, sports, cultural development and large-scale humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian army.
• Reconstruction and improvement of the Greek Park, strengthening of the retaining walls of Primorsky Boulevard and installation of a memorial Stella "To the Greek Colonists";
• Improvement of Greek Square in Mariupol;
• Reconstruction of the square named after P. Boumbouras in the village of Maloyanisol;
• Landscaping and reconstruction of Greek Square in Odessa and installation of a monument to G.G. Marazli;
• Reconstruction and improvement of the Square of Pilot Heroes at the 5th station of B. Fontana;
• Reconstruction and improvement of the Park at the 9th station of B. Fontana with the sculptural composition "The Abduction of Europe";
• Reconstruction and improvement of Pavel Shklyaruk Square;
• Overhaul of the coastal road "Track of Health" from the residential complex "Sea Symphony" to station 10 B. Fontana, Morskoy pereulok, 2;
• Overhaul with restoration of sculptures and premises of the Antique Halls of the Museum of Western and Oriental Art;
• Reconstruction and repair of the facade and interior halls of the Odessa Archaeological Museum;
• Restoration of the monument to the soldiers of the 95th Moldavian division;
• Reconstruction and repair of the hostel of the Center for Independent Living of the Disabled over 18 years of age and for children with limited psychophysical abilities;
• Renewal of the water supply system, with the construction of a new well and the laying of a new pipeline in the village of Kirilovka (ATO);
• Carried out repair work at the school of arts in Maryinka;
• Restoration of the monument to the outstanding Greek Kiriak Kostandi in Odessa;
• Financial assistance for the overhaul of the building of the Chernobyl Museum;

• Financing the education of talented youth and children from low-income families at Mariupol State University, Taurida University of Kiev, Shevchenko Kiev State University, European School of Law and Management;
• Financing the education of active youth of Ukraine within the framework of the educational program "Young Leaders" at the School. Kennedy at Harvard University (USA, Boston);
• Monthly financial assistance to teachers of the Greek language in schools in Odessa, Kyiv, as well as in the ATO zone;
• Equipment for the Greek language classroom for students of school 139 in Kyiv;
• Provision of technical equipment to educational institutions of the city of Odessa;
• Provision of educational literature for the National University of Athens named after Kopodistrias, School No. 118 in Odessa, Lviv University;
• Holding a conference in Mariupol "The Tragedy of the Greeks of Ukraine";
• Olympiad in Greek language for the Greek brotherhood "Enotita";
• A gift to children of the special general education school No. 75 on the occasion of the International Day of Disabled Persons (purchase of sewing equipment);
• Payment for the trip of students from the Mariupol school to the Olympiad in the Greek language in Bucharest;
• A trip for pupils of Odessa School No. 75 with social and psychological rehabilitation of children with special educational needs through vocational training to Regensburg for a football tournament;
Help ATO
• Procurement of medicines for servicemen injured in the ATO zone;
• Purchase of an ultrasound machine for the Rivne military hospital;
• Assistance to medical institutions in the ATO zone and Kyiv;
• Assistance to low-income families in the ATO zone and migrants from this zone;
• Organization of recreation for children from the ATO zone in children's camps in the Azov region, Odessa, as well as in Greece;
• Annual gifts to children for the New Year holidays in the Contact Zone;

• Providing humanitarian assistance in the form of housing, basic necessities and legal services to 17 members of the Ukrainian crew of the Mecong Spirit until their release;
• The "Children of the Region" project provided shoes for more than 1,000 children from low-income families in the Odessa region, as well as gift stationery sets according to the age of students;
• Purchase of furniture for an orphanage in the village of Berezovka;
• Assistance to the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children of the OCS with medicines;
• Acquisition of furniture, trampoline, houses for playgrounds, hygiene products and carpeting in the Specialized Psychoneurological Orphanage No. 3 "Solnyshko";
• Purchase of medicines for the Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital;
Greek community
• Monthly financial support of the Odessa Branch of the Hellenic Cultural Foundation, the Federation of Greek Societies of Ukraine, the Odessa Regional Community of Greeks named after. G.G. Marazli;
• Support for the Consulate General of the Hellenic Republic in Odessa and the Embassy in Kyiv;
• Renovation of the Filiki Eteria Museum;
• Opening of the Tourism Center of the Hellenic Republic in the city of Kyiv;
• Co-founder of the Association of Greek Entrepreneurs of Ukraine;

• Organization and holding of major international forums "Transatlantic Dialogues" in Kyiv and Odessa;
• Sponsor of the international economic conference The Economist in Frankfurt (Germany);
• Sponsorship of the international investment forum RE: THINK in Mariupol;
• Organization of events dedicated to Ukrainian and Greek holidays: Odessa City Day, Easter, Independence Day of the Hellenic Republic, OHI Day, Mega Yorta;
• Annual sponsorship of the festivals "Odessa Classic", "Black sea music fest", Tamara Katsy in Mariupol, Dance history;
• Assistance to the municipality of the city of Odessa in holding events: September 1, Humorina, Europe Day and other city holidays;
• Organization of theatrical performances for children in the theaters of Odessa for the New Year holidays;
• Organization of a tour of the troupe of the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater with a performance of the ballet "Sleeping Beauty" for Christmas in Kyiv;
• Organization of the tour of the National Opera of Ukraine to Odessa with a performance of the ballet "Zorba the Greek";
• Sponsorship for organizing a sports marathon for children in Odessa Mini mini marathon;
• Children's holiday in Sartana "Children should laugh" by September 1;
• Organization of the reporting concert of the dance studio "Prestige dance" in the Odessa Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after. V. Vasilka;
• A trip to the world dance championship of the Prestige dance team in Switzerland;
• A trip of the dance group "Filiki Eteria" to the festival in Kharkov;
• Assistance in the restoration of the Church of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Mary Magdalene in Odessa at the 9th station of the Big Fountain;
• Construction of the Church of St. Panteleimon on Mount Athos;
• Organization of the delivery of the Relics of the Holy Great Martyr Panteleimon the Healer to the Transfiguration Cathedral;
• Help temples and churches throughout Ukraine;

• Financial assistance to the Monsters Corporation and the Red Cross to fight the Covid-2019 epidemic;
• Food packages for large families during the coronavirus pandemic;
• Sponsorship of basketball clubs BIPA Odessa, Dynamo Odessa, football club "Chernomorets" and hockey club "Sea Wolves";
• Organization of friendly tournaments between the football club of Fr. Lemnos and veterans of FC Chernomorets, Olympiakos and Bipa basketball clubs, boxing tournaments in Odessa;
• Financed the operation of the Odessa Paralympian, world and European champion in fencing, participant of the 2nd Paralympic Games Vadim Tsedrik;
• Support for the Olympic medalist in boxing N. Butsenko;
• Support for the Seanergy Global Sport Expo sports festival;
• Helping the Basketball Veterans Club.


As a result of his activities, covering topical and socially significant problems of Greek society, Panteleimon Vasilyevich is one of the most famous Greek patrons of our time. For deep faith, service to people, culture and traditions of Ukraine and Greece, Panteleimon Vasilyevich was awarded:

2006 - For many years of fruitful activity and services to the city and its community, he was awarded the Honorary Badge of Distinction of the Odessa Mayor named after G.G. Marazli of the third degree;

2016 - For humanitarian participation in the anti-terrorist operation, he was awarded the Distinction of the President of Ukraine;

2016 - Awarded the Medal of Honor of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for his contribution to the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

2016 - For services to the state and the city of Odessa, he was awarded the "25 Years of Independence of Ukraine" Award;

2016 - For his contribution to the development of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, he was awarded the Order of the Kyiv Orthodox Church of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir, 3rd degree;

2016 - For his contribution to education, the restoration of historical truth and the values of Hellenism, he was awarded the Prize of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Hellenic Republic;

2017 - For the constant provision of medicines to the wounded military personnel participating in the ATO, he was awarded the Honorary Award "Vart of a feat" by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine;

2017 - For services to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and charitable assistance to the Holy Dormition Patriarchal Monastery in Odessa, he was awarded the Order of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker;

2018 - For strengthening the ties of the Greek diasporas in different countries of the world and creating joint projects, he acted as Grand Marshal at the parade dedicated to the Independence Day of the Hellenic Republic in New York, USA at the invitation of the President of the Federation of Greek Societies of New York Petros Galatoulas;

2018 - For many years of fruitful activity and services to the city and its community, the Honorary Badge of Distinction of the Odessa Mayor named after G.G. Marazli of the second degree;

2019 - His Beatitude Archbishop of Athens and All Hellas Jerome II presented the Cross of the Archdiocese of Athens to Panteleimon Boumpouras. This award was given to the special contribution of Panteleimon Boumbouras and his family to the development of spiritual values, devotion to the ideals of goodness, as well as assistance in the development of the Archdiocese.

2020 - For many years of fruitful activity and services to the city and its community, he was awarded the Honorary Badge of Honor of the Odessa Mayor named after G.G. Marazli of the first degree;

2020 - Being the owner of three degrees of the Order of G.G. Marazli, on the basis of the order of the mayor of Odessa, was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Odessa.

2022 - Received the Honorary Award of the Mayor of Odesa "For the Defence of Odesa";

2023 - Pantelis Boumpouras was awarded the honorary award "Consumor aliis inserviendo" for many years of assistance with medicines to the National Military Medical Clinical Center "Main Military Clinical Hospital".

2024 - Pantelis Boumpouras received the title of Archon from Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I in Constantinople at the Cathedral of St. George the Victorious. The title of Archon is the highest honor in the Orthodox Church, which is awarded to laymen for outstanding service to the Church and society.

Pantelis Boumpouras is married and has three children.