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City improvement

This project was created with the purpose of restoration of old and construction of new infrastructure objects in Odessa and beyond it.

"The philosophy of my work is very clear: if you do business in Ukraine or in any other state, then do not forget to invest in the social life of the citizens of that country. After all, you cannot just take. We must also be able to give something, thus creating something useful for people", - said Pantelis Boumbouras, President of the Foundation.

Among the major implemented projects are:

  • installation of a bust for the prominent Greek, mayor of Odessa, philanthropist Grigorios Maraslis on the Greek square in Odessa (2016);
  • the Greek square was built in the village Maloyanisol of the Donetsk region (2017);
  • financing of the renovation of the monument of K.K. Kostandi in Odessa;
  • monument to the first Greeks-colonists was installed in Odessa (2017).

Among current projects:

  • building of the Greek square in Mariupol;
  • reconstruction of the Greek park on the hillside of the Primorskyi Boulevard in Odessa (began in 2017).