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Greek diaspora

Greeks are the nation with large diaspora. Common for all representatives of diaspora is Greek origin. Many of them have never visited their historic homeland. However, they are united in different organizations to preserve national, cultural and educational traditions.

Currently, more than 150 thousand Greeks live on the territory of Ukraine. The names of the areas to which Greeks arrived were assigned to them. So, there are Greeks of Odessa, Greeks of Priazov, Thracian, Malobouyalik, Crimea, Pontic, Nizhyn Greeks, Elladiths (those that arrived from Greece - Greeks) and others.

In 1995, numerous Greek organizations were united into the Federation of Greek Societies with Headquarters in Mariupol, because the biggest community of Greeks lives in Donetsk region.

The most famous Greek organizations in Odessa are the Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture and the Odessa regional community of Greeks named after G.G.Marazli.

In order to develop and promote Greek language, culture and traditions, the Foundation provides financial assistance for:

  • students who are getting higher education majoring in Modern Greek language, literature, culture;
  • students of Greek origin from low income families;
  • Greek societies in different cities and towns of Ukraine for their further activities;
  • Branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in Odessa;
  • Odessa regional community of Greeks named after G.G.Marazli;
  • Greeks of Ukraine, who organize cultural and educational events.

* Consideration of the issue takes place only after the official appeal to the Foundation