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The President of the “Boumbouras Foundation” Pantelis Boumbouras donated a batch of medicines to the oncohematology department of the Odessa Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.

“We learned that the department needs medical supplies - Glucose and Sodium Chloride. Volunteers mentioned this in social networks. We always support social initiatives related to helping children. As far as I know, about 1000-2000 bottles are consumed every month in the department. And they sometimes run out of these essential medicines.

Therefore, we joined the social initiative. I sincerely wish all the children to be in good health and their parents to be patient and have faith. Fortunately, there are a lot of people who are not indifferent to such a disaster as oncology. And they are all ready to help,” said Vasilis Boumbouras, vice president of the Boumbouras Foundation, executive director of the “GEFEST” construction company.

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